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We have just moved over to Hadrill Accounting. Scott was really pleased after meeting Jane. Normally he comes away from the accountant with a throbbing headache and wanting to throw himself under a bus!

Debi Campbell
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I have recently left the Public Service, and while I prepared for this, I was anxious about my financial future as an early retiree.  I needed to feel in control of my finances, but my experience with previous accountants, financial planners and superannuation experts left me confused. 

It seemed to me that I stood in the grey middle area, and was required to become an instant expert in all things financial in order to put the pieces together.  I decided to switch to Hadrill Accounting, as I had previously met Jane and found her to be honest and direct.
I really appreciate Jane spending the time getting to know me, and I feel she now understands my particular issues and concerns.   Hadrill Accounting has managed my tax returns efficiently. I have some investment properties, and my tax questions were quickly dealt with.   Hadrill Accounting recommended a financial planner for advice, and this has been great as we work as a team.
I have found over the past year that Hadrill Accounting has provided me with the support I needed through my transition to retirement.

Now I can go travelling knowing that my finances are in safe hands.


I've been going to Jane at Hadrill Accounting to do my tax for over five years now.  I'd recommend her to anyone looking for a good tax accountant, as she provides a professional service and you know all aspects of your tax return will be dealt with properly, particularly in regard to investments.  You can be sure that you'll receive every deduction you are entitled to. She also takes an interest in what’s going on in your life generally, and sometimes offers valuable financial or other advice, in regard to potential risks, or opportunities you could take advantage of.  On top of this, meetings with Jane are always fun and lively, and I can even say I look forward to tax time each year!

David Johnson