Sonia coordinates our marketing activity and social media presence.  Coming from a writing background, Sonia likes to ensure that our punctuation and grammar are correct. She will let you know if you do the wrong thing, like putting two spaces between sentences when there should only be one. Not that she’s a pedant or anything!


  1.  Favourite movie… So I Married an Axe Murderer: “Excuse me, Miss, there seems to be a mistake. I believe I ordered the large cappucino. Hello?!” – Mike Myers.
  2. Best Holiday Destination… New York. Can I go there now, please?
  3. Random fact about me… People tell me that I blow my nose too loudly.
  4. Why I like working at Hadrill Accounting… I like the yin and yang of the place: while it’s very professional, there’s a fun, quirky vibe about the office, which makes working here most pleasant.