Holiday travellers, don’t get Juice Jacked!

Authorities are warning holidaymakers of a new USB outlet-charging scam operating in public areas, such as airports, which is seeing travellers’ private information stolen via public charging stations.

It’s known as ‘juice jacking’ and involves hackers setting up fake charging stations via port or cable. Unsuspecting users who then plug in expose their devices to malware attacks and the export of sensitive contents such as passwords and bank account numbers.

Experts say that travellers should use a power adapter instead of finding a random USB socket somewhere. Same goes for cables in ride-share cars, hotels and Internet cafes.

“When plugging in to public USB outlets, a good rule to go by is whether your phone displays a ‘do you trust this computer?’ message. On anything that’s not your home computer, the answer should always be ‘no’.”

Read more here, via the Washington Post