DIRECT EMPLOYING as part of a self-managed NDIS plan


If you self-manage your Plan, or part of your Plan, then you have the option to directly employ your staff, instead of engaging them through an agency or other arrangement. Direct employing gives you a number of benefits, with the most important being that you choose who you employ and have greater control over their support role with you.

The Benefits of Direct Employing include:
  • more flexibility in staff selection
  • ultimate control over support workers

– support worker is responsible only to the family/participant

  • better value for money

– there is a saving to be made between the rate the NDIA pays and how much you pay your employees which leaves you with extra funds in your budget

– you are now able to access extra support services with these savings

  • allows you to formalise a private arrangement

– eg, if you currently pay, say, a uni student from your household budget to provide support, you can now engage them as an employee and have payments to them included in your Plan. This means that you are not out of pocket, and there are less barriers to employing the right person.

There are 4 steps to Directly Employing NDIS support workers:
1. ORGANISE TAX PAYMENTS – including Tax File Number declaration, Withholding Payer Number, Instalment Activity Statement, Payment Summary and Payment Summary Statement

2. MANAGE YOUR EMPLOYEE – including meeting Fair Work requirements, employee details form, letter of engagement, job description, timesheets, payslips, paying wages and superannuation guarantee payments (if required)

3. ARRANGE INSURANCE COVER – workers’ compensation and public liability insurance

4. MEET WORKPLACE HEALTH & SAFETY OBLIGATIONS – including safe working conditions and managing risk appropriately.


At Hadrill Accounting, we can guide you through the steps and assist you in cutting through the complexity of employing support workers directly. Please call us on (02) 6103 0388 for more information.