Plan Management
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If you choose to engage a Plan Manager such as Hadrill Accounting, the NDIS will add extra funds into your Plan to cover the cost. There is no added cost to you as an NDIS participant.

Plan Management is a great option if you want the flexibility that self-management provides – you want choice and control over who is going to provide the supports in your NDIS plan – but you don’t want the hassle of attending to the financial and administrative duties involved in paying for the support.

We would be happy to hear about your specific situation or answer any questions you may have so please don’t hesitate to contact us on (02) 6103 0388. Hadrill Accounting never charges for short phone calls or emails if you need assistance.



We provide practical help for our NDIS clients

Hadrill Accounting started providing Plan Management because we had a tax client with a NDIS Plan. She wanted to receive her physiotherapy supports from a physiotherapist who wasn’t registered with the NDIS and so she asked the NDIS to add this portion of her Plan as “plan managed”. This means that our client visits her own choice of physiotherapist on a weekly basis and then the physiotherapist emails the invoice to Hadrill Accounting. We make the relevant claim using the NDIS portal, pay the physiotherapist and keep a record of all expenditure.